I’ve been quiet lately. My silence has been more dictated by the volume of activity the summer has afforded versus the lack of things to write about. The reverse is actually true. I’ve been brainstorming posts on topics as varied as the physical effects of the beach – the sand, the wind, the spray – on our psyches and our bodies; the dynamics of Mennonites at the southern Jersey shore; exploring what our baseline “normal” is when the external stimulus changes; the love story behind my Grandparents brought into focus with the death last week of my Grandfather; and the omni-present life of a mother and step-mother of four. That’s just the short-list.

At the core seems to be one simple truth – pay attention. Savor even. Go a different route. In my work life, I’m often espousing looking at things in different ways. Flipping the creative process on it’s head. Looking for a new environments to explore the same set of problems. Freshness begetting that proverbial lightbulb. What I’m realizing is that it’s equally good advice for life outside of the workplace.

As my summer winds down and I begin the journey of looking for where I’ll make the next impact outside of my family, there’s a rub. The freedom I have had this summer isn’t sustainable. For many reasons, mainly because my brain needs the next challenge. There are just too many intractable issues needing attention. There may not always be time to walk the new path. And I’m both fascinated and frightened by what I now know about the 90% of life around me that I’ve uncovered in my time off. How do I not lose the feeling of the wind wrap around my legs while bringing my business brain back online? How do I continue to revel in the minutia of the children’s lives while bringing that sense of invention to big challenges. I’d had a model in my before. I’m betting re-entry will require a new model. I’m pretty sure I have some new, perhaps more intimate, failures ahead. But then, that’s to savor as well…


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